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How far would you go: Skin Whitening, here are the facts!!!

Skin whitening is fast becoming a norm, sadly these days on the red carpet is incomplete without extremely fair to whitish ladies, the amazing thing is they did not all used to be fair, they all whitened up.

Skin bleaching is indeed a fad in this time and it’s done under all sorts of false names including skin whitening, brightening and all although there’s a need to make a case for people with stubborn skin blemishes and other conditions.

The whitening effect happens when the melanin formation of the epidermis (skin) gets significantly reduced making the skin whiter (in order words, the production of melanin that makes dark skin is reduced or killed off).


The sad reason skin bleaching will continue is apart from Glutathione not coming with side effects it makes the skin healthy, gets rid of toxins and improves its quality! Before now chemicals used in bleaching came with a barrage of side effects notably skin cancer but in the present-day,  skin whitening is fast and comes without consequences (except you don’t have enough funds to go through the process of administering it).

Still wondering why most Nigerian celebrities and everyone these days are all ‘team light skin’ and glowing? Here you have your answer,  sadly this won’t make bleaching stop anytime soon (at least not until there is a graveside effect).

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