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LY Fitness | What Your Pee Says About You

Fun fact – Your pee is a teeth whitener

Ancient Roman doctors actually told their patients to rinse their mouths with pee for whiter teeth. And surprisingly, this wasn’t an entirely crazy idea — the ammonia in urine can actually make your teeth whiter, but good luck finding the courage to swish it around in your mouth.

Yuck and Good luck with that!

Couple of years, I had to do some mandatory medical tests and the clinic required a blood and urine sample to run those. The horror on the lab attendant’s face should have been a meme to describe ‘Madam, small chops don finish.’ So, she educated me on what my pee colour really meant about my liquid consumption – gallons of alcohol and soda but shots of water.


This a golden opportunity to know or rather learn what the colour of your pee truly says about your health. Nothing wrong in looking to see how it turns out when you pee – I stare and marvel at mine.

So, if your pee is

Darling uhmmm, you got to chill on the water. You’re actually too hydrated.

Pale yellow or Transparent yellow
Great job, you’re drinking the right amount of water required by your body.

Dark yellow
See how more concentrated the yellow looks? Yup, you dropped the ball on this one (less hydrated) Focus on drinking more water so your body can do its thing – you know, keeping you alive and healthy.

Amber or Honey
Not good, your body isn’t getting enough water to get rid of the toxins in your body. Drink some water If you notice that your urine is often amber-colored, ease off on the soda for now.

This is where it gets serious, there might be old blood in your urine, or you could have a serious liver infection – No jokes!

Red or pink
This is a sign that there’s fresh blood in your urine, which is a warning of infection or potentially something more serious, like kidney issues or even cancer. Now, you need to get checked to be safe.


When you pee, check it out, because your body might be crying for help.



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